Friday, June 8, 2012

Picture Day!

Photo Credit
Today is the day to share whatever pictures you have that reflect the greatness of God! 

But before we start with the pictures I want to share something with you all about prayer. I came across this article on the Noble Call website that broke down using the Lord's prayer as an outline for our prayers. The article said that using this outline you could pray for an hour, so I figured it could surely help us to pray for 15 minutes! Here are the notes I took on it.

1.) Our Father who art in Heaven, hollowed be thy name....
Meditate on a Name of God (some examples are El-Shaddai = Alimighy God, Yehovah-Shalom = Lord of Peace, Yehovah-Rapha = Lord who heals, Abba = Father, Yeshua (Jesus) = Yehovah's Salvation)

2.) Thy Kingdom come thy will be done...
Pray for God's will in 5 key areas. As a person, a partner (also pray for your spouse, or future spouse), a parent (also pray for your children), a provider, a proclaimer (pray for those in authority and for those you are called to minister to). 

3.)Give us this day our daily bread...
Pray for God's daily provisions. 
  • Constant filling of the Holy Spirit {Ephesians 5:18}
  • Wisdom for daily decisions {James 1:5}
  • Grace to do His good pleasure {Philippians 2:13}
  • Favor with God and man - soul needs
  • "Grow in stature" - physical needs
  • Provisions to fulfill our assignments and calling

4.) Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors...
Pray for God to bless me and my offenders with the character of Christ so that we can be reconciled.

5.) And lead us not into temptation but deliver us...
Pray for a hedge of protection, and for ministering angels as necessary. 

6.) For thine is the Kingdom, and the glory, and the power...
Dedicate myself and my family to God. Our spirits, souls, minds, and bodies.  Confess any known selfish motivations. Ask for God's motives of love for the day. 

I hope this helps you all because it has been a real blessing for me :o)

Now for my picture......

This is my 3 year old hanging John and Romans tracts
on the doors of people who weren't home
while we were out soul winning :o)
To share your pictures and to see others head over to our flicker group! (if you didn't get an invite to the group please email me your email address)


  1. The photo I added to the group is a stand-in for the actual photos I took today. I was wandering down the hall, when I saw my daughter and husband having a tea party in my girl's room. So precious, right? Of course, I had to go in there and snap a few pictures. I haven't uploaded them yet, though, because I was busy editing photos that I took for a fried. So anyway, the photo that is "subbing in" is of my daughter on her 9-month "birthday". She looks like she could be dressed for a tea party. ;)


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