Thursday, May 16, 2013

Natural Cleaning

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Since it's almost prep day I thought it would be a good time to update you all on how I've been cleaning without chemicals! :o)

I have 3 items that are pretty much MUST haves. Distilled Vinegar, Peroxide  and Baking Soda. These are the only three items I use for all of my cleaning needs. Aside from washing dishes. For that I use a store bought dish soap. Although I'm thinking of switching to castile soap. 

My multi-purpose cleaner is distilled vinegar, water, and some lemon essential oil. Before I had the oil I would soak citrus peels in a jar of vinegar for 2 weeks, making sure to shake it everyday. Then at the end of 2 weeks I would have a lovely scented vinegar. Once the vinegary smell disappears all that's left is a clean scent. I love doing this and I actually have a jar with lemon peels in my cabinet now. :o)

For mopping I use vinegar and boiling water. I like to use the infused vinegar or add a few drops of essential oil into it. Lavender would be a great one to use. 

In the bathroom I use the baking soda and vinegar. For the toilet I put in some baking soda then pour in some vinegar. After it finishes fizzing I use my brush and scrub a little, then let it sit for a few minutes while I wipe down the rest of the toilet, and flush. For the tub, if it needs to be scrubbed I do baking soda and vinegar, if it just needs to be wiped down I just use my multipurpose cleaner. To get rid of mold and mildew I just spray some diluted peroxide on it and let it sit for a bit (up to an hour). Then I just wipe it away, or depending how bad it is I may need to scrub it a little. 

For those of you like me who like to use things like fabric refresher, I make my own too. In the past I used some fabric softener, water, and baking soda. But we don't use fabric softener anymore because of our youngest's eczema. So I just replaced it with some lavender essential oil! I love it. The scent doesn't last for very long but it leaves the house smelling fresh. 

For spot cleaning on carpets, rugs, or the couch I use peroxide. I just pour it on the spot and then wipe it up after a few minutes. 

For clogged drains, I pour some baking soda down it followed by vinegar and just repeat until it's completely unclogged. 

I think that's everything, but if I forgot one you're curious about just let me know. Shabbat Shalom :o)



  1. Thanks for this! What do you use for laundry detergent?

  2. Such a helpful post!! Thank you!

  3. Robin currently we use 7th Generation brand detergent. Because of our youngest's eczema we're playing it safe. I would love to make some though.


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