Friday, September 17, 2010

Preparation Day!

It's preparation day again! Oh how I love the smells that come from my kitchen on this day! I've been getting more and more tired lately, this little one is draining my energy. So I do most of the cleaning on Thursday and do my cooking on Friday. It works for us so far. 

I'm very excited this Shabbat in particular because we have a new stove! Our old oven was broken and the maintenance man thought he could fix it. But we prayed and prayed for a new stove and God provided! Now we finally have a working oven, and its new! I have a delicious smelling banana bread baking now and I have dough for a white bread rising. I'm so excited about having fresh bread. We don't eat eggs so I can't make Challah but I think any bread would be just as much a blessing to have. 

I'm still struggling with what to do with my almost 2 year old on Shabbat when there is no tv. She is active but she's not so great at keeping herself entertained. She LOVES attention. I'm sure it's my fault I talked to her NON-STOP since she was a day old. She's always had all of my attention, so I can't be mad at her for wanting it now. I pray she will be ok when the baby comes along. I'm 23 weeks now so time is moving quickly. 

This Shabbat we plan to rest at home and do some studying and reading. I usually find either a Jewish or Christian video to watch and we will have some time to relax and watch a movie that keeps our priorities in order. If any one has any advice for making Shabbat special for very young children please share. Money is tight right now so instead of making three full meals as I usually do I  will be making two meals. One for tonight just after sun set, and one for tomorrow. We'll snack on left overs in between and the breads that I'm making. 

I pray that everyone has a Blessed and Restful Shabbat! 

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