Thursday, April 5, 2012

TBOC: Special Announcement

My husband and I did not always agree on the idea of trusting God with our family size. It was a painful journey to this point and God has provide many different things to encourage us along the way. The one thing that had the biggest impact on our decision was a video put together by the Moore family, of Moore Family Films. If you haven't heard of this family's incredible ministry you should definitely head over to their website and check them out.

The video that we watched was Children are a Blessing. In this video there is so much information from the Bible, as well as information on the origins of the birth control pill and planned parenthood. I personally did not know a lot of the information that was provided and for my husband and I this video was life changing.

Here is the trailer for Children are a Blessing and below you will find the link to watch it free online. Also please consider purchasing the DVD, it's currently on sale for $10 and has 60 minutes worth of extra footage.


  1. O wow thanks for sharing this, I am so excited to watch!!!! So happy that we have connected!

  2. I am too! Hope you enjoy the movie :o)


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