Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So on our first day with out any way to possibly watch tv we were sitting around hot and bored. We went out soul winning with our church and then came home. We had lunch, then just sat looking at each other. All the looking put my poor hubby to sleep! lol

I started looking online with our 3 year old (our 1 year old was napping) at some websites. We were laughing and talking but still feeling a little restless. Then I got an idea. I had a bar of Ivory soap that I was planning to use with her to make smaller soaps. So I figured why not now! I've found that crafts are best done during nap time. So instead of sitting and wishing we had something to do we made 4th of July soap balls for Grandma! It was a great bonding experience with my quickly growing little girl.

Here's what we did:

First I shredded up the bar of soap

Then I mixed water and red food coloring

water and blue food coloring

Then we put a little water over the soap pieces
and smushed them together

After some rolling and shaping
we ended up with soap balls like this one

These are the balls we're giving away

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