Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don't Be Selfish

On our way home the other night we passed by a man with a homeless sign. We didn't have any money to give so we gave him a tract.

The following night we passed back by the same man. Instead of just going home we stopped. My husband spoke with the man and shared the Gospel with him.

This past week we've been attending a missions conference at our church. And this is exactly what it's about! Taking the time to talk to people and tell them about our Savior. It would of been easier to just go home. But instead the girls and I sat in the car waiting. Not knowing how long it would take, but knowing that no matter the out come God could use it for His glory.

YHVH could of called us home the moment we got saved, but He didn't. There are still so many more that need to hear about how good He is and what He came to earth to do for us! We're so accustomed to having everything for ourselves. We don't even realize how incredibly selfish it is to hear the Gospel over and over again, while many have never heard it even once.

I challenge you to pray and ask God who He'd have to share His word with. Then aim to share the Gospel more times in a week than you hear it.

...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. -Mark 16:15

*In case you were wondering the man didn't get saved, but we've continued to check up on him and tell him of God's love.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder of the work that needs to be done still. It's really walking the talk, and a witness of our love for the Savior when we glorify Him by using our time for His kingdom! We can't grow the seed, but we can plant them.
    Grace For That


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