Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guess what?

I'm learning Hebrew! I'm so excited. I started using this program, as well as, and various youtube videos.I'm hoping to get either Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew or Learn Hebrew Today: Alef-Bet for Adults but funds are a little tight right now. 

My plan is to be able to read and write Hebrew within the next year, then I will tackle speaking and attempt to be fluent with in the next 5 years. Hopefully it takes less than 5 years but I'm trying to give myself a reasonable amount of time. 

I have a lot on my plate with a newborn and a toddler but I need something to keep my brain from going into mommy only mode. I must admit initially it seemed like a HUGE task but now that I've started its coming together for me. Reading from right to left hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be. 

I've also been watching Srugim (Knitted) its like friends but the Israeli version. I watch it on The Jewish Channel so its in Hebrew with English subtitles. Here's the trailer:

I absolutely love this show and it gives me an opportunity to listen to Hebrew while reading the English words. Some words are even starting to stand out to me! This is such an exciting new part of my life!

 Does anyone have any suggestions for learning Hebrew?


  1. Congratulations!! I also want to get stuck into learing this beautiful language of YHVH! Maybe the time issue has been a bit of an excuse :o) I think that you have motivated me!!! Maybe we can share what we are learning somewhere down the road. I have programme from a friend of mine in Israe ... but maybe you would share some of your links with me. Thank you so much for this post Tewauna and much blessing in your journey!!
    Love and Blessings

  2. I have a copy of First Fruits of Zion's "Search the Sidra" packed away somewhere in our back room. I've never used it. (Basically, it teaches you Hebrew words and phrases that come from the weekly Torah portions.) Let me know if you would like to have it, and I'll dig it up for you. (You can email me at

    I took beginning and intermediate Hebrew lessons through my old congregation. I have a set of Hebrew/English chumashim (5 books of Moses), and those really help me with my Hebrew when I actually take the time to read them!


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