Friday, March 25, 2011

Preparation Day!

It's almost Shabbat and my heart is heavy.... I usually try to keep my preparation day posts about Shabbat or something light hearted. But something happened today that made me feel just how hard it is to be set apart. Making decisions for myself is easy. When dealing with family sometimes its hard to go into details and when I just say "I don't want to," most times people leave me alone after that. But when it comes to my children for some reason it never seems to be so simple; at least not with my family.

You see my cousin is throwing a party for her daughter. My daughter who is two was invited. Now normally this would be no big deal! But this party is being held at an indoor water park. Sigh. While the idea of a water party for little kids sounds like great fun, my mind turns to modesty. This is not a secluded water park, it's not like the children will be the only ones there, AND its not likely that any of the children will be dressed modestly. Sadly in the world we live in, being near water means its ok to be naked. I can't allow my daughter to be around that. I know to some it may seem innocent enough but I can't knowingly and willingly submit my child to that. Some of my own family members have boasted about the bikinis they will be wearing. How then am I as a Torah loving follower of Yeshua HaMashiach supposed to handle this situation. 

Just simply saying no we will not be attending brings question after question of why not. When I finally just say point blank we don't want our child in that environment, although it may be taken fairly well, I know in my family it means I will be talked about behind my back. But that's not the part that is making my heart heavy. Its the feeling of not allowing my child to take part in what should be innocent fun! She's two and she has a few friends from Sunday school but how will it be received when she can't attend their parties because it's Shabbat? Although I   KNOW this is the right path, it breaks my heart to think that my children will have lonely lives. That they won't get to go to friends parties and that they won't have any friends but me and their father. While in a way that's fine and well, because I'm more than happy to be my children's friend, but the fact still remains that I am their mother and not their friend. There will be times where they may want a friend but I have no choice but to be a mother. We don't have a local Messianic fellowship and I don't have any like minded friends that live close by. This road is certainly not the easy road but I know it's full of blessings that I can't even pretend to imagine. 

Here is the patience of the saints: 
here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. -Rev 14:12

But I won't end this on a low note! Its's SHABBAT after all! :o) So enjoy this adorable video I found on youtube. 


  1. I know this may be a totally wacky idea, but maybe you guys should pray about moving to where there are Messianic fellowships. (It's almost unbelievable how many there are where I live!) Or, you guys may be called to start your own Messianic fellowship. Something to consider... :)

  2. As far as attending birthday parties--remember, it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath, which was created for man (rather than man being created for us). Perhaps blessing your daughter's friends and also not letting the good of your Shabbat be spoken of as evil is a "good" that is lawful on Shabbat? Just a thought for you to consider.

    As to the water park question, that's a toughie. If it is not sufficient for you to simply dress yourself and your daughter modestly--probably you shouldn't go. Even if it is permitted to you in faith, if you have doubts, it's better to stay away. :\

    Sorry if this is semi-incoherent. I'm on a lot of pain meds from my hospital stay yesterday.

  3. The way I spend my Shabbat is by doing the blessing and meal, but then I will go out and spend time with friends since it's a day of rest and my work is done. I can't think of a better way to spend a day of rest than in the company of friends and family.

  4. I agree with Shabbat being a time to spend with friends and family. But for us when that means spending time with people that are not like minded it becomes difficult. Not impossible just difficult and we really deal with each situation individually.

  5. Shalom Tewauna! Thanks for coming over to my blog and entering the giveaway and following my blog. I'm so excited that you found me because now I get to follow your blog :o)

    I will be praying for you and your current situation. We know how this is all to well, it's definately a hard road but here is what I have recently found. YHVH faithfully blesses those who love Him. We didn't have anyone for over a year after we made some very hard decisions. I prayed and cried out to Abba to PLEASE give me someone, anyone, just ONE person who sees things the way we do. And He is/was faithful! He didn't just bring me one friend but a HANDFUL! We've VERY recently started a homeschool group where our kids will be around like minded people every week. YHVH is amazing, it's the waiting that is the hard part :o\

    I will praying for you, I know this is tough but hang in there. I know He will bring someone into your life that you and your children will share many wonderful memories with.

    Blessings Sister!


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