Friday, August 17, 2012

TBOC: Taylore

Today I want to share with you all an interview with a friend of mine who is trusting the Lord with her family size. Taylore and her family are still small and I hope that reading about her will be an encouragement to you! So here you go:

1.       How long have you been married?  Just over 3 years now
2.       How did you meet your husband? We met through a mutual friend
3.       How many children do you have? We have two children and are currently expecting our third child in November 2012
4.       What are their ages? I have a 2.5 year old - Ariel and a 1.5 year old - John  Our third child is a little girl that we are naming Daisy
5.       Did you ever think you’d have this many children? I've always wanted a large family and my husband and I made a committment to the Lord and each other that we would leave our fertility solely up to the Lord
6.       Is your family involved in any ministries? My husband is currently training to be a Deacon at the church and I am in the nursery and sunday school minstries. Also, we are currently completeing our Bible Degrees and have surrendered to be Independent Fundamental Baptist missionaries to the people of Mongolia.
7.       What made you and your husband decide to trust God with your family size? Did you both agree at the same time or was one of you ready before the other? We believe that total surrender to the Lord means EVERY area of our life and if we can trust the Lord to save our souls, then we can surely trust te Lord to know what is best for us! We both committed to the Lord and each other before our marriage that we would leave our fertility solely to the Lord!
8.       Was there ever a time when you questioned your decision? There has not been so far! The rewards and blessings are so sweet and precious!
9.       What advice would you give to a young mom just starting out with maybe one or two children? I only have two and would be considered young, but I would say committ yourself to the Lord and work to be the best mother and wife that you can be by Biblical standards. Enjoy your babies while they are small and laugh at the messes they make rather than stress!
10.   Do you keep a strict schedule? Nap time we always try to have at the same time as well as bed time, but we do breakfast, lunch, baths and anything else at random times, but once we start homeschooling I believe our schedule will get more structured!
11.   How do you manage financially? I budget each bill according to due date and then we pay something towards our bills each week.
12.   What kinds of foods do you normally feed your family? We try to stick to all organic all natural foods!
13.   How do you find time to give individual attention to each child? This has not been a hard thing for me yet, but I read with them and hold them individually throughout the day.
14.   How do you fit in alone time with your husband? The kids go to bed at their bed reason we stick to a strict bedtime and then that gives me and my husband a few hours before we go to sleep after he gets home from work and also on the weekends we get nap times as well!
15.   Do you have an encouraging verse or quote you’d like to share?  I just would encourage others to search God's Word and their own hearts and pray for guidance. Also, trust the Lord and He will bless you beyond measure! When you start to feel overwhelmed let out a little laugh and then begin to sing "Count Your Blessings"

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