Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Skirt!

I've been working on my sewing and have finally found a skirt pattern I like and can complete! So I decided I must share!

...Front view

Side view....

I'm very excited about this creation! I've attempted to make a few others but this one actually came out like it was supposed to. It took me about two hours over the course of the day, and was well worth the effort. I would like to make a few more out of this pattern but we'll see how that goes. I got the material (and pattern) from Jo-Ann Fabrics. The pattern was on sale for I think $3! and the material was reasonably priced. I spent less than $20 for the material and pattern, which is a great deal because most nice long skirts cost more than $20. But aside from the deal I very much enjoy sewing. I feel a certain inner peace when I'm at my sewing machine. It's a great skill to learn, as well as, a fun hobby!

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