Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Building for GOD'S GLORY!

This is the story of Laura and Caleb. They have been married for eight and a half years and have four children; Noah-7, Kayla-5, Lela-4, and Anna-7 months. With deputation starting in 2008 and mission work starting in 2009 this blessed family has been working hard to spread God's word and to build churches, right here in the sates! Although we often think of mission work as going to some third world country, there are lots of people right here in the U.S. that have either never heard the Gospel or just haven't heard it in a way that has touch their hearts. But God has a plan for those people too and someone must bring the message to them!

Laura's journey to the Lord began while at a church camp. Although she didn't know it at the time God was putting all the pieces together for her life.

When did you get saved? "When I was 13 at church camp. I had made a profession when I was 4 or 5 but I don't remember what I said or why, I just remember praying and my mom telling me I was saved. I started having doubts when I was ten, but I didn't get it settled until I was 13."

"After I was saved I was still a 'good' girl, I never got into boy trouble, didn't do drugs or smoke or alcohol. But I was rebellious in my spirit and attitude toward my parents. When I was 17 I surrendered my heart and my life toward the Lord and what He would have for me!"

Her Journey with Caleb started while attending Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City. After meeting in college Caleb interned at Laura's church, it was here that they "became good friends, and it just kind of grew!" A year later in August of 2001 the couple was married! After about seven years of marriage Caleb dropped the bomb, God had some big plans for their family.

How did your husband tell you he wanted to be a missionary? "He had been working as a plumber's apprentice for almost two years. He came home one day really serious, and said we needed to talk. He told me that at lunch he was looking at the huge, grand hotel that his company was building. He said that the Lord spoke to him and said that there were people all over the world working to build things for man's glory and spending millions of dollars, but who was building churches for God's glory? It was then that he started thinking about working with New Testament Church Planters, USA."

Were you shocked or did you expect it? "I wasn't shocked at all. As soon as he said it, I knew it was right. I thought about all of the odd jobs he'd had since we'd been married and even before. It all made sense, the places God had, had us in, and the experiences we had both had."

Was it hard to get used to living some place different? "We are always moving, we never stay at one place for longer than three months. It's exciting to always be in a new place, meet new people, find where the Walmarts and thrift stores are! We get the itch to move every few months!"

What states have you traveled to? Which ones were your favorite? "We've been in the northwest, midwest and southwest. We've built in only Arkansas so far. It's a nice state, very beautiful! I don't know what my favorite state has been, but we had a good time in Arizona, we were in a lot of nice churches."

How did your family react to your husband's decision? "His family accepted it right away and were immediately behind us. My family has been a little bit more slow. Some don't understand what we're doing, some don't really care, and some have been really supportive."

What's your favorite thing about being a missionary or a pastor's wife? "Seeing the Lord work in our lives and providing for us. We got to work on building a parsonage from the ground up, and it was intoxicating, how thrilled the Pastor and his family was to see their new house being built! It's so exciting to see God working and moving, and putting things together. And I love my new family I have with NTCP. We take care of each other; physically, spiritually, and emotionally sometimes."

And lastly I have to ask, what is your favorite Bible verse? " I love the book of James, and I John 4. Thinking about God's love and what He does for us is overwhelming at times!"

I hope this story has touched you all as much as it has touched me. I love to hear about missionaries and others who are following God's command and spreading the Good News! Thank you Laura and Caleb for sharing your story and for "GOING" .

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